By Veronica


Our house is hardly ideal for a person on crutches. It's far too hot to sleep upstairs, directly under the roof, so current configuration is:
Bedroom: ground floor
Kitchen: first floor
Bathroom: second floor.

I have tried the stairs with crutches a couple of times, but frankly I'm terrified of falling. With at least one arm tangled in a crutch, you can't do anything to save yourself if you slip or overbalance. So the bumping up and down on your bum technique is preferred. Slow, inelegant, but safe.

Today has mostly been spent on the ground-floor couch, reading and emailing. It's very hot indeed outside, so I haven't even ventured out. S did a statutory hour of sunbathing in the garden, but even he retreated to the shade after that. G came round in the evening to commiserate, resulting in a very prolonged aperitif. Dinner was once more salad and fruit.

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