By Missycat

Day 98 A bit of a disaster

Today brings us to 14 weeks of lockdown life here in the UK, albeit that there has been a considerable easing of the measures, with more to be announced during the coming week.  The stir crazy attitude of those crowding onto beaches and to other beauty shops suggest that many have had enough, although there is way to go yet I fear. 
Our visitor squirrel doesn't care about any of that.  He was a little concerned at my looming at the window to take his picture and possibly more concerned today because most of the protective branches have disappeared.  Which brings me to the disaster.  This weigela has been looking rather shabby for some months now and has reached a point where we've had to take drastic measures after which it will either recover, or give up completely.  We have failed to prune out the old thick branches thoroughly enough and when Mr MC began that task yesterday, he found that quite a lot of it was rotten.  It is going to be given a chance for a month or so and if it doesn't buck up, we have the horrendous task of removing it, roots and all in order to plant something else.

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