By Bom

Rubbish & Rubble

I was packing up this jigsaw and thought it was a lockdown blip I hadn't done yet (in the dark you can see the lights as if it's a night photo). The title refers to my activities for the day, this morning I took a bootful plus rear footwell full of pots and pots of stones / rubble to somewhere in North Walsham that turns it into recycled aggregate and doesn't charge to take them. They're so nice there, they bring a digger over to your car and insist on helping you put the rubble in the bucket. This afternoon I took a pallet to the tip which has just re-opened. I took some cash as they often charge to take rubbish and yes it cost £3, except due to the virus they were only taking contactless payment and I hadn't taken a card with me, only cash. They took pity on me (I had waited 10 mins to get in and it was the only thing I had) and let me leave it.  Another very windy day today, but no rain again. 

Day 106 / Day 98 of Lockdown / Day 29 of Step 2 (for my record only)
UK deaths up 25 to 43,575 (low no's Sun & Mon). Leicester is the first UK City to be put into a local lockdown as they have 10% of all cases in the UK. Non-essential shops and schools are to close and people are urged to stay at home as much as they can. The easing of restrictions in England on July 4th will not happen in Leicester. A walk-in testing centre is being set up. The guidelines published for weddings are very restrictive, I suspect most weddings will be postponed until next year. Parents who don’t send their children to school in September will be fined. Good to see the Government getting tougher. 

In an interview with the Mail on Sunday, the PM dropped to the floor and did push-ups to show he was fit and well. Today the leader of the opposition in an interview with Piers Morgan jokingly challenged Boris to a push-up contest in PMQs. Would any MPs who are adults, please step forward!!!

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