Wrightsville Beach

I was at the beach for sunrise this morning but it was a bit of a bust as a thunderstorm came through during the night and left us with cloud cover this morning.

There were plenty of people walking and running on the beach and a few taking photos. I watched 1 paddle boarder and just before I left 2 surfers arrived with their long boards.

When I got back home, I fed the cats and then put out the house decorations for the 4th of July. I then took the time to strip clean the crepe myrtles so they are looking fine once more.

I made another rhubarb sour cream cake and was sure to have a nice big piece while it was still warm!

Almost fell asleep as I downloaded the photos I took and had to fight like crazy to stay awake. As a result I’m going to put my things away and read myself to sleep

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