An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Lily the Pink...

After my epistle yesterday I will keep it short today :-))

Alan's been swimming.
David's played golf (no don't ask.  I made the mistake of asking and got a grunt so assuming it didn't go as well as it might have :-)
I've had a tentative attempt at painting foxgloves.  Room for improvement.
Fish and homemade chips for dinner.
FaceTime call with Anna & Faith who are still hyper from their birthdays yesterday!  Anna gave us a quick look at her main pressies (a "grown-up" bike, a doll, a teddy that won't stop singing - her mum loves it!! Not :-) bubble machine to name a few.  Meanwhile Faith made us a cup of tea in her new kitchen.  What a pair they are.  An absolute delight.

And that was Tuesday (even though I've been convinced all day that it's Wednesday!)  And the last day of June.  Good grief!

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