An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Maggie's teddy...


We had a leisurely start to the morning then D, P and I headed out for lunch (no prizes for guessing where ;-))  The farm coffee shop/cafe  was really busy as the strawberry picking season is upon us but we were lucky and got the last available table.  Delicious lunch as ever and of course we just had to sample those strawberries afterwards :-)

Back home (stopping at Maggie's monument so I could get my blip) and David walked Lola then headed off to the driving range for an hour whilst poor Peter braced himself as I presented him with my latest list of IT issues with my lap top (including the dreaded scratch disk message that keeps returning and prevents me from accessing Photoshop.) 

A few hours little while at the kitchen table saw us power through all the problems presented and I am delighted to report that the scratch discs full issue is no more!  I was also mortified to discover that I'd paid my annual subscription for computer virus protection in May, but hadn't actually downloaded and activated the accompanying software!  What a numpty!  Honestly, I do wonder about myself a lot sometimes!  Thankfully that has also now been remedied.

Dinner of toasted baguette rubbed with garlic and filled with strips of steak,   red onions and chilli jam was enjoyed by the three of us, then another evening of chat and tv before Peter had to head home.

Thanks again for all your help P....I really don't know what I'd do without you!   And extra special thanks for the loan of your Lee filters for my trip to the Outer Hebrides.  I look forward to our next get together for me to practice using them.  I promise I will do my best not to drop them!  

And that was the weekend.  A lovely end to our holiday week :-))

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