An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Pop the Champagne...

Ok it's not champagne but the garden sprinkler, but we have reason to pop the champagne as we got word earlier of the safe arrival of Anna's little sister Faith.

She was due to arrive next week but decided it would be fun to appear on her sister's 4th birthday and I can't think of a better birthday present :-))

Meanwhile less exciting things have been happening here.  We were supposed to go to friend's 30th wedding anniversary celebration tonight but I still feel tired plus didn't think party food would be the best thing to eat in the circumstances, so sent our apologies.  That said, I feel much better than I did yesterday so hoping I am on the mend.  

It's been another scorcher.  I did a pile of ironing this morning in the coolest part of the house then we sat outside under the umbrella for a while but it was too hot to sit for long.  I ended up back inside going over my to-do lists again and actually managed to tick a couple of things off.

Lola and David spent some time in the back garden.  David came running into the kitchen saying Lola had a bird in her mouth and grabbed a dog chew to bargain with her to give it up.  I was horrified at the thought she had chased and caught a bird and texted David to ask what kind of bird it was and had she killed it.  His reply made me laugh...

"It's a crow and no, from the body temp and rigor mortis I’d say the killer struck between 12 and 16 hours ago.  And Lola has an alibi for that period." :D

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