Flower (I'm Fairly Certain)

I think today’s image may be a flower…. campion I believe. The petals have a faint pink tinge so it may be a hybrid. Bonus bug too…

After yesterday’s little faux pas - I went back to the same place to have a closer look (I took a decent pair of glasses with me rather the ‘dog walking readers’ I usually take)’ I can confirm that the ‘beans/fungi’ do indeed look like seeds/pips - and indeed there were several posts with these deposits underneath. I shall not be revising my previous journal to fabricate the truth (unlike one Dominic Cummings) - it will remain as testament to my stupidity (I actually quite liked the image).

The size of the deposit relative to the size of a bird (pigeon maybe) would be like us passing a cricket ball - eyewatering thoughts.

2020 1000 Mile Challenge - total for June = 161 miles
Year To Date Total = 924

I noted on my Fitbit stats that I joined in June 2015 and have logged 9200 miles since then. That averages 153 miles per month - which is broadly in line with what I have been achieving this year - so the ‘challenge’ isn’t really much of challenge after all! Must try harder… maybe I could aim for 2000 this year but that would mean averaging 13,100 steps per day for the rest of the year (only managed 11,200 so far this year).

I needed of some DIY bits today so I called B&Q depot to see how big the queue outside was - they said it was the same size as the ‘B’.

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