Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

Shepherd's Pies with Sweet Potato Mash

This morning I made some individual Shepherd’s pies with sweet potato mash; they are today’s picture. Three in the freezer and one for my husband for lunch.The sweet potatoes needed using before the next delivery arrives in the morning. I also used the last of the leeks to make leek and potato soup.
My husband had two Addenbrookes telephone appointments this morning, both went well. The district nurse decided that she would visit at the same time as one of them. Fortunately she did not arrive when she said she would. However, it was not straightforward. Our GP had said, it would be safer if the bloods were taken in the garden; the district nurse had other ideas. She wanted to come into the house, not happening. Now this afternoon a community nurse has just telephoned to say that a nurse will come tomorrow morning. She is still not coming in to the house; my family cannot come in, so she certainty is not.

The temperature was nineteen degrees Celsius at GMT noon. Sunshine and showers again, with some heavy thunderstorms. 

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