Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


After doing a few chores I watched some TV.  Caught up with two of the episodes of Alan Bennett's Talking Heads.  Great viewing.  Can't wait to see the others.

This afternoon I walked down to the Health Centre to see the nurse about my leg.  She checked it over closely and said I didn't need compression bandages ( what a relief ).  I just need to keep on wearing support stockings and make sure I keep my legs well moisturised.  I will go back next January for a routine doppler test. So its all good.

Went to Tesco for fruit before coming home through the allotments.  I took a photo of some small yellow flowers in the back lane and also one of an orange lily which is in a pot by my back door.  I used Picasa to merge the two shots and then I faffed about boosting the colours etc.  Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting Abstract Thursday - no theme today.

Musical link THE URGE TO MERGE by Natalie Cole

Steps today - 7,559 ( 2.95 miles )

CORONA CLASSIC  - Haydn Trumpet Concerto (3rd Movement)

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