By Missycat

Day 103 Waiting to be planted

These pretty cosmia were a present from Mr MC's brother.  They have remained in their pots, in a tray of water for a little while now as we have to choose where to plant them and now that the weather has turned, wait for day when it's not raining and windy.
I collected Violet from school at lunchtime  and we spent the afternoon  doing not very much.  On Wednesday night Violet lost her third baby tooth (and was very brave, yanking it out because it was annoying her!) and so she appears in extras, as my alternative flower, showing her gummy grin.
In other news: the list of countries that UK travellers based in England can travel to, without quarantining on their return, has been released.  Never mind that several of those countries won't let you in without quarantining for 14 days when you get there! 

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