Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

From Brain Tumor to Bugs

In 2008, I had surgery to remove a brain tumor; the recovery did not go according to my precise plan.  In 2010, Hubs convinced me to buy a digital camera and start taking photos again (something I'd let lapse over the years) as a way to try to get on some sort of even ground emotionally.  In 2011, I discovered Blip, thanks to a friend of mine (fellow brain tumor surivor and blipper).  I posted my first photo, skipped a day, posted my second and haven't missed a day since.  

Along the way some very special blippers introduced me to bugs through their journals.  And now I find myself knowing more about insects and spiders than I'd ever imagined, and more fascinated with them every day.  All of this to my darling Hubs' horror.  

So here I am - celebrating 9 years as a part of this wonderful community.  I've met quite a number of you in person, traveled with you (both in person and through your journals), shared laughter and tears with you, made lifelong friends with some of you.  You've taught me so much - about birds, bugs, photography, other countries, and life.  And now here we are going through a pandemic together.  

I went out early this morning hoping to find something really special to blip, then went out again in the heat of midday.  And at the end of it, I didn't have anything all that special but I did have some nice shots of dragonflies, just one of the many insects I've come to know and love in the last 9 years.  And, if you will look closely, you'll see that this female Blue Dasher is just finishing the last of something - a couple of little legs are hanging out of her mouth.  Which gives me a thoroughly geekish thrill!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me, for boosting my spirits with your words and your images, for your friendship.

Stay safe, be kind, be loving...


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