By dreaming

An outing

Lex called this afternoon and asked if I'd like to come to her house and see if I could manage the stairs.  She picked me up and I discovered that I could make it up the stairs one-footing very slowly and carefully.  So we had tea and sat out in her beautiful garden, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.  There are lots of things in bloom, but none of my shots came out very well.  So I thought to blip this gorgeous blue chair that sits on the back patio.  I posted a mono blip of the chair and Lex watering the garden last year, but I do love the color so here it is again.

Getting back downstairs is the tricky part and it made me somewhat nervous, but I made it.  With any luck it will get easier over time.  We may be looking after the boys at Lex's house on Wednesday, as Andrew has to return to working at home tomorrow.  It's good to know that I'll be able to manage.

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