On Some Days

By V1k1

Adventure Postponed Due To Adverse Weather . . .

It was grey when we left Gore and as the morning progressed it looked like it would rain.  On arrival in Bluff it started to rain and as we waited at the helicopter hanger it rained steadily.  The eight passengers looked hopefully out to sea.  The pilot kept checking his phone for updates.  We drank tea and chatted.  At three p.m the trip was postponed.  We will try again tomorrow morning.  On the plus side we have had the safety briefing, weighed the luggage, been weighed ourselves and can make a quick getaway in the morning. 
Finding a motel in Invercargill was easy and it is cosy and warm inside.  There is the possibility of extending the trip by a day  to make up for today being lost.  It will depend on everyone else's travel plans.  Three ladies have flown down for this trip and may need to change their return flights.  The blip is the helicopter outside the hanger in the rain.  This must have been when the rain wasn't so heavy.   

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