By dunkyc

A new hope

It has been a run of long, gloomy rainy days lately, which has led to the rather comical discovery that my 7-year old son has been wearing his coat for a 4-year old.

Having purchased him and The Youngest a new coat each, I subsequently found that I had gone the other way and bought them coats that were far too big for them. I’ll figure it out eventually, I’m sure….

The welcome news on the day the sun broke through is that the UK government has committed a large sum to help support the arts. Whilst this may come too late for some, I hope that it is welcome relief for most. 

Having blipped about it the day before last and the money now being released, I am of course claiming this a victory for the ardent blipper and am also pleased to note that I have a direct line to the Chancellor that I wasn’t previously aware of. Now that I am aware of it, I fully intend to abuse my power, so is there anything else that anyone would like sorting?

All being well, the day should be rounded out nicely with an overnight visit from the eldest and a long overdue movie night.

I probably should watch and listen to something else other than Hamilton and the Hamilton soundtrack. 

Three viewings and counting………

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