By dunkyc

Bursting the bubble

Does anyone else feel more anxious now coming out of lockdown than they did going in?

Until recent weeks, I have been quite happy inside my little self-contained government-defined bubble, the bubble expanding every now and then to let the children in of course. I am one of the lucky ones too and have been able to work throughout the whole period, so that’s a load off.

But the handbrake coming off and being actively encouraged to re-join the real world? I’m not sure I want any part of that…..yet. 

Maybe I need to heed my own advice recently given to my daughter when she was wrestling with a problem, which is to try and reframe* it, look at it from a perspective that you’re more comfortable with.

Giving advice is one thing, practicing what you preach is another.

Also, is it possible to “heed” anything other than advice?

*today’s photo is one taken further down from the tourist friendly weir area on the Kent. I like the newer building looming over the older one and the river of course.

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