A walk in the park.

Monday’s are usually quieter for walking in Sutton Park, even though there are vast tracts of woodland trail paths, pools, heathland and open spaces, it is well used especially at the weekends.
We set off after breakfast and it was a fairly dull morning at the time with spits and spots of rain in the air, accompanied by a strong gusty wind.
I love the sound of the wind through the trees. It was rippling the water on Blackroot Pool so much that the ducks and Canada geese were bobbing up and down on its surface, along with the coots and moorhens, two swans and a great crested grebe.
We stopped to have a takeaway drink at the Bistro there. The outdoor tables are now on their patio, (see extra), spaced for social distancing. There are obligatory hand gels to use, before dispensing disinfectant spray on our chairs and the table before sitting down. Rolls of paper towel are provided for wiping them after spraying or we’d all have damp patches on our rears!
Stephen brought me a hot chocolate with marshmallows. Such a treat. He stuck to his usual latté.
As we walked and talked, it began to feel a bit warmer, with patches of sunlight filtering through in places.
Once home again the day was improving until by early afternoon it was sunny once more and pleasant although the wind was still strong.
I popped out to the Farm Shop after lunch for a couple of things, then on to the Craft centre for a couple of cards. One for my cousin’s Diamond Wedding on Thursday and one to say a huge thanks to the Pre-School in Bristol which has been opened again for the past few weeks. Our 4 year old grandson has loved it there this past year. He really missed it due to Lockdown. He will be in Reception in the autumn, when he starts at the Primary school immediately adjacent. (however that will be organised).
The Pre-School is having to close altogether as the Council are selling the land.
It is really sad. They have been there for years, and most of the children have gone to the school next door afterwards.
I’ve been there a couple of times to meet our grandson, 4 years old along with his mum.
Then on to next door to meet his older siblings.
The teachers and staff have been lovely and it will be a very sad day for them all on Friday this week, when it closes for good.
I’m hoping to be able to have my two friends here tomorrow afternoon, in the garden, weather permitting once more. Failing that, it will be WhatsApp again, but it’s just not the same.

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