Notebooks shots and a bit of processing

I’ve got an idea for another image for my Memory & Loss set, so spent a bit of time creating notebook shots to try and explore the light and angle (still life images never appear in camera as they do to us in life - I guess it’s the different angle that we are viewing from).  This one has enabled me to think about where to position the chair and where to arrange the objects on the table (not quite in this spot).  Oh and I’ve been playing with texture layers this morning which will also need adapting.  A idea in progress!

We had six workmen yesterday, so full on with lots of legs and boots appearing in windows.  They almost finished, so two of them are back this morning to finish off a few bits and then they need to return to apply the weatherproofing liquid to the outside walls.  Hopefully this will solve our problem with water pouring in.  Fortunately it only happens a few times a year, but each time it does a bit more damage to the interior plasterwork and paint.

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