By ArcLight

Coco the fitness pug

Towards the end of today's workout, Coco decided I needed some assistance on my mat, so came and joined in. Mostly by attempting to lick my face, which wasn't entirely helpful. Well, at least she supplied my blip.

Other than that, I've been mainly working. A PhD supervision, various bits and pieces, and then a bit of serious thinking about reshaping a longterm project at the end of the day.

Just before dinner, I decided it was time to do something about the plantains we had delivered a few days ago, one of which was very ripe (the other one was not, oddly). I peeled them and sliced them up, and then fried them in coconut oil. With maple syrup they were delicious, and complemented nicely the cheese salad we also had.

After dinner, we sat out with wine until it got a bit cold.

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