Pressed Flowers

I'm not sure if these count as pressed flowers having been done in the microwave. The same flowers used in an earlier blip but it seemed a shame to just throw them away - they've changed colour in the process (and time). I didn't mean to do this tonight - not enough time - but I got a bit carried away.

I had another Photoshop tutorial this morning (hard work) then set about preparing the motorhome for our time away.  It hasn't been used for a while and whilst J has seen to the practical and mechanical sides of things, I had the internal aspects to sort. So it's now clean and sparkling ready to be stocked tomorrow with the food we will need and our clothes.  Camera kit first thing to pack of course.

I heard this morning that I have three acceptances into the Midland Salon.  I was very pleased with that - another four images were  only one point short of the necessary targets for acceptance so I'm not too far off the mark! I must now sort out my goals - FIAP or BPE (or both) - it can get complicated.

I switched my printer on this evening - first time in many months. It didn't want to do anything! When we return from our trip away I'll investigate further - inks have probably dried up or the print head needs a clean.  Something to look forward to.

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