I Witness

By KangaZu

Tiny Tuesday ....

... Long-legged green fly.

My best guess for this fly is it's a blue-green long-legged fly.  Anyone know for sure? Maybe our lovely Tiny Tuesday host ... Debbi?

I went to the grocery store first thing this morning and when I returned I took my camera with the macro attached out to the back garden.  I did some hand-held shots first before getting the tripod.  Some of the hand-held shots were pretty good but this one isn't one of them.  I was surprised when this fly stayed still for so long. He/she appears to be eating something but I could be totally wrong about that.  

It's been another hot day but I don't think it got as hot as they were originally calling for.  Although it's still pretty warm at 88° at 7 pm as I post this. Tomorrow's high is only 84° F so it might feel cooler. 

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