By Yorkshirebred

Busless Bus Pass Walk

Finally, after weeks of only seeing each other on Zoom, the Bus Pass Walkers met in St Ives Estate for a proper walk.  Lovely that fellow Blipper ValC and husband M could join us.  Nice walk round the estate and a look at Druid’s Altar, and then a break for refreshments at the Ivy Cafe.  After being “sanitised” (!) we managed to get 2 tables with umbrellas which protected us from the slight drizzle.  Great to have the first coffee out in months, and their bacon sandwiches were excellent!  We then meandered around the lake seeing the swans & cygnets, geese & goslings (love the goose standing on one leg, but still managing to lean to one side without falling over!), ducks and ducklings, moorhens and coots (collage in extras).  Trouble choosing a photo from today, and the ducklings were so cute they nearly won, but the line of gulls on posts amused me.  As I pointed the camera most turned away - I could imagine them saying “oh no, another of those blooming Blippers.  Turn heads away boys.  Oi you - next to the end - I said turn away!  Oh there’s always one that has to pose for the camera!”

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