The second half of life..

By twigs


Another trip down to Monaco to stalk the birds.  Whilst I saw plenty of kingfishers as well as a couple of spoonbills the tide was too low and they were too far out.  I did make a brief attempt to cross some of the estuary mud and my shoes suffered badly as a consequnce.  They've now been hosed off and are drying in front of the fire.  Mental note - pack some gumboots into the back of the car.

If you look carefully you might see a crab that appears to have escaped from the spoonbill's sifting beak.  Not sure if Mr S spat it out or it jumped.

In COVID19 news today, there is one more case bringing our active cases to 23.  It appears this person took it upon himself at some point yesterday evening to leave his managed isolation and go to the supermarket.  It beggars belief that a) he'd even think it was ok to do so (he's been in isolation since 3rd July) and b) he was able to do so given the supposed increase in security surrounding these facilities.  There may well be many people now with growing concerns about their possible contact with a positive case........I'm sure everyone is hoping it doesn't turn out to be the start of a new wave of community infection.

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