By Ridgeback13

Rush (not)

Another lazy start to the day after doing some catch up work things then decided to put some laundry on and have a shower and sort my hair out (takes much longer now it’s grown).
T showed me the computer game he’s been playing....based on armies conquering the Roman Empire. As he explained the tactics and walked me through a battle that he was predicted to win easily he managed to lose most of his army and be chased away!
We went round some garden centres to look again for a replacement Robinii tree but didn’t find one. Had a look at the fish, had a cake and coffee at one, and discussed perhaps painting my kitchen table rather than continuing with tablecloths.
He dropped me at K’s while he headed for a game of tennis and she and I chatted, looked round O’s veg patch and walked over to post a letter. Rubbish weather again, cloudy and spitting with rain, and not very warm either, so we didn’t extend the walk. Gave them some of the cake I’d bought and took the rest round to see Mt&H and the kids. AR had been at nursery today....doing her favourite things (drawing-extra).
Watched Higgs’ training which is going well and talked about helping sort out the loft which apparently still has a load of my stuff in it (10 yrs since I left!)
T arrived to collect me and we headed home. Made a big Spanish omelette with some of their garden produce and after a drop in to book group online we enjoyed it with freshly cut lettuce. Nice lazy day

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