By isbi

Lawrence of Arabia

I didn't know what Movie Title to Blip for today's Wide Wednesday theme set by RockArea till two camels turned up at the farm last night. Then it was easy :-)
It's quite a long story. A local plumber, Dan, is planning to walk the Canning Stock Route (2,000km) in Western Australia as a fund raiser for White Ribbon (domestic violence prevention). He needs somewhere to keep Abdul and Milton while he trains and gets them ready so Mr isbi (aka Lawrence of The Megalong) said he could use the farm. 
I asked Dan if he grew up with camels and he said no, but he's done a three week training course!! Anyway the camels seem very docile and friendly so I'm sure it will all work.

Just to show Mr isbi has other talents apart from modelling and impersonation, the extra is of him (successfully) rescuing a wallaby which got caught up trying to jump the fence. 

We were in Bathurst this afternoon so called to see my sister, 59
I can report her bread tastes as good as it looks.

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