By Missycat

Day 108 Gotcha!

For weeks now the ring-necked parakeets have eluded my camera.  They been photographed by my neighbour, Zeus09smum, where they deign to feed but have taunted me by flying very quickly over my garden, often in squadrons, screeching loudly...until today, when this one stopped by to investigate the feeders on the dying weigela.  He clearly felt that the branch wasn't strong enough for him to hang from the feeder and spent some time trying alternative methods, including pulling the feeder towards him.  In the end, he couldn't quite manage it and flew off but not before I got a number of (sadly through glass) shots of his attempts.

In other news: the widely publicised chancellor's Summer statement was delivered today and you can follow my link to the BBC page if you want to know more.  Meanwhile, gyms and beauty salons remain in the dark as to when they might be permitted to reopen and it was announced that NHS staff will now have to start paying for their parking, so it's certainly not positive news all round

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