By HeidiHH

118th Corona diary entry / The New Normal

Santa Pola

It's been a day of advancing things. On a very hot day. And I've felt like fainting in so many places today.

First we had the notary. In the city. We had to wear the mask all the time walking on the streets and at the notary. Luckily the notary was in a hurry and didn't really check anything and we were out of there very quickly.

The notary was at the castle square so I have the very old walls in the picture. It was built 1557 by Italian engineers against attacks by pirates.

Then we went to the harbour and had Frappes in the terrace. Million calories for sure. The terrace has a very nice view. That's why I choose to go there.

The mid picture is from Gran Playa of Santa Pola. As you can see beach life is back on. There was lots of bathers, but also space for everyone.

We did quick stop at home and then we drove two cars to the car dealer and left our beloved Scodillac there. I hope he gets a good new home. We really liked that car. If it wasn't so expensive to take a car from abroad to Finland we would have kept it. But it's insanely stupid and expensive so no. It had to be left behind. Good and loyal car that took us to so many mountains that I can't even believe and around Spain on our roadtrip.

Tomorrow the dreaded dentist revisit. Yikes.

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