By HeidiHH

119th Corona diary entry / The New Normal

Morning sky

before the heat.

I had the dreaded dentist today. He was almost a different person today. Clearly he was in a bad mood on Wednesday. Nothing about root canals or anything like that. Quick filling and out under 20 minutes. I don't understand what he was going on about on Wednesday. It seemed that I was going to have excessive  work done today. But no. Well, now it's done and over with.

I've been doing some packing and cleaning of cupboards today. We don't have much room for anything in the car, so I have to be very smart about what to do with everything that's left.

Tomorrow we give the last boxes to the courier that takes those to Finland. But he's on his way south, so our stuff will visit Costa del Sol first. I hope those do reach Finland on time. As we've arranged moving guys to take our stuff from my parents house to our new house and we're hoping these last boxes will be there for that.

I also hope we get to leave before the possible second lockdown. And also get to take care of all our business before that. We have at least 78 outbreakes in Spain. Numbers rising rapidly in Barcelona especially but also in Catalonia

I was hoping we'd start our roadtrip visiting Delta del Ebro in Catalonia. It's delta area with unique landscapes and nature and nature reserve. But who knows what will happen now....

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