Reboot Today!

The day didn't begin well when the phone rang whilst we were still in bed and the smart meter man announced he was five minutes away.  We leapt out of bed to clear the kitchen,  and went without breakfast so we could stay out of the way, thinking it would be delayed by ninety minutes at the most.....

Apparently there was a small gas leak in our system so a big 'do not use' sticker went on our boiler and smart meter man left, with the advice that we get in touch with British Gas.  We looked on the website, thankfully we have a service plan, and rang the emergency number.  We were told an engineer would be with us within the hour.  Breakfast then?  No, smart meter man had said it would probably be wise not to use anything!  The Gas engineer arrived and it turned out he was from the National Grid and should only have been called if there was a smell of gas !!  But because he was now here, he would have to cut off the gas.  Kindly, he said he would wait until we got through to book a service appointment but I'm guessing you know what happened next, Tony hung on the phone, going through endless automated questions, none of which actually addressed our issue.  Finally, he was going to be connected to a real person, ten minutes on hold and ......cut off.  Still no breakfast and it was now lunchtime and the Gas Engineer had a heap of paperwork and then had to go, so Tony sat on the phone again.  I went to make tea and toast because now the gas was totally off we could use the electric!  Finally, result.  Engineer coming on Monday.  The kitchen is piled on top of the table; the stuff from the store room (home of the boiler) is piled up in the spare bedrooms and neither of us have the energy to put it all back.  Good job we aren't having visitors as there'll be no baths till Monday!

The furthest I've been today is out on to the patio to blip the opening agapanthus.  Reboot!

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