Room for improvement...

Well a tripod would have helped... but generally my world is pretty perfect at the moment. Yeah I know it's another mono but I liked the city glittering in the background. I love the nifty fifty.

There's something quite lovely about walking home through Edinburgh like there's no-one else around, laughing about utter nonsense and making plans for days to come.

I feel like a list of things that made me smile today...

Taking silly photos
Ripped jeans
Fibreglass rods
Chunky kit-kats
Black Mirror (watch it!)
Queen mugs
Blowing kisses
Screwed up faces
Hair dye

"If you don't feel it, you'll never get it."
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I get you. You get me. We get each other. It couldn't be more ace! x

71 sleeps!

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