By AH14

Diving Terns

What a lovely day I've had today! A family birthday, so a few of us shared a picnic together - actually, it was the garden we shared, not the picnic....we took our own :) A lovely time together :)

Then Mum and I went off to Sandbanks - the first time since lockdown began! At last I got to enjoy the expanses of sandy beach, the smell of the sea - and the sight of the cruise ships anchored offshore! 

I spent a good deal of time trying to photograph the incredibly fast terns hovering oh, so briefly and then diving straight down into the sea. I only had very moderate success but I had great fun trying :)) A couple in extras - the first extra shows a tern diving and the second one with his catch.

Boarders And Boats in my b&w journal

Red Admiral On Hydrangea in 'My Third' journal

Many thanks for everything for yesterday!

Have a great weekend!

Ann :))

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