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The Old Forge (Saturday 11th July 2020)

When I worked at the BBC record library in Regent Street cataloguing records, the singles used to arrive in BBC issue cardboard plastic-lined jackets and if they had come in picture sleeves these were discarded once any useful information had been extracted. I salvaged hundreds of these picture sleeves between around 1975 and 1985 and have kept them in a loft.
All the contents of the loft had to be removed for the work that has been going on this week, and as a result I found myself sorting through them all. I could maybe have thinned them out a little but as there were so few I wasn't delighted to rediscover that would have been pointless.
I have created a pinboard with the first, almost random selection and may replace them with other sleeves at regular intervals. I was especially pleased to find the sleeve for Song To The Siren (pictured) which I would take to a desert island, but as this has already been a Lozarhythm Of The Day I have instead chosen Hand In Glove by Sandie Shaw as it was on the Marr And Friends cover CD that I was playing this week.
I took the blip with the LX100 I was writing about on my last blip, which seems to be behaving itself today.

11.7.2020 (1901 hr)

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Taken with Panasonic/Leica DMC-LX100 M4/3 compact

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Sandie Shaw and the Smiths - Hand In Glove  (recorded 26 April 1984, TV Centre, Top of the Pops)
Miming to the record with the Smiths (minus Morrissey but including a very young Johnny Marr, who wrote the music to Hand In Glove, the Smiths' first single).

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