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Mildenhall (Sunday 12th July 2020)

After doing I few things in Marlborough, including taking a look at the Waterfront Gardens by the Kennet, I drove via Chopping Knife Lane to Mildenhall (pronounced Minal) and stopped by this stretch of the Kennet. I was heading for the Stonebridge Wild River Reserve but that didn't work out when I got stuck in a cul-de-sac with no turning circle. I will be forewarned next time.

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12.7.2020 (2245 hr)

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Taken with Pentax K-50 (Red) and Pentax HD P-D FA 28-105mm f/3.5-5.6ED DC WR lens

Marlborough, 12 July 2020 (Flickr album)(Work in progress)

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Fairport Convention featuring Judy Dyble - Both Sides Now (Demo) (recorded 10 August 1967, Sound Techniques, Chelsea)
R.I.P. Judy Dyble (13 February 1949, London - 12 July 2020)
Fairport Convention: Judy Dyble (vcls, harmonium), Richard Thompson (el gtr, vcl), Simon Nicol (el gtr), Ashley Hutchings (bass), Martin Lamble (dr)
The version of Both Sides Now on which I sing was the first thing that we ever recorded in a studio. Iain had not joined the band and Richard did the backing vocals. I only heard it on an acetate with a different version of One Sure Thing. - Judy Dyble
Joni Mitchell had not released any records at this time but had received some attention as a songwriter. The Fairports' manager Joe Boyd had some of her demos and they recorded several of her songs, this being the first. This demo was made before Judy Collins' version of the song was released.
Although I bought the first Fairports single and album, on which Judy Dyble sang, I didn't get to see the band live until Sandy Denny had replaced her, but I did get to see her next band, Trader Horne, at Mothers in Erdington, Birmingham.

One year ago:
Calne (Crocosmia)

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