Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS


A lazy Saturday.

My weekly Zoom catch-up with friends in the morning was followed by a session of reading various magazines and online newsletters that had accumulated over the past few weeks. That, in turn, was followed by reading numerous articles, reviews, etc in the search for a car to replace the one that met its untimely end on 1st March. My brain hurts! Glad I had some chill time before and after.

An evening walk along to Banknock and down onto the Canal and home from there. The towpath was remarkably quiet. Is everyone away on holiday? A handful of cyclists, that's all, and very few other walkers. A few people fishing along the Canal bank, but it's one of the quietest walks I've had along that route.

Forget to lift my camera, didn't I? Mobile phone to the rescue!

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