How to stay warm?

I took no pictures all day. It's cold here and I live in an old house that is barely heated.

At the end of the 11th hour I panicked for a blip, just having submitted applications for six different positions in Antarctica. It's a relief to have that done because I'd been procrastinating for a while.

I pointed the camera at a few things in the room and then, with a minute left in the day, I grabbed Carlo and squeezed a blip out of him for perhaps the 80th time.

"Carlo my fuzzy friend, if I go off to work on the ice, how will my belly stay warm at night, without you sleeping on it? And if I have my second cold of this winter with my purring bosom buddy always ready to cuddle, how will I avoid frostbite at the bottom of the world?"

The look he gave me said, "And just who gave you permission to travel? You have not been dismissed!"

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