By Dakers

Rabbits With Lunch

No, we don’t eat rabbits, but it is a stopper to the wine bottle. Another one for Pat’s collection.

Lunch was a relaxing meal accompanied with a rather fine red wine.

Just as we were chatting away I heard the sound of voices from people walking along the field margin behind the wall. We were pleased to see it was Doctor D and his son P, heading up the hill on an adventure.

They live nearby, in a house designed by guess who. We had not seen Doctor D for about five months. We had heard that he had been infected with the "virus". 

He must have been one of the earliest people, and he had been infected by a patient he was examining. He is a GP.

He looks in very good health, however, P and the Doctor’s wife had also been struck down with it.

All are now recovered, but as he remarked "This is an illness to be avoided. I can not recommend it."

After our chat at a social distance of some twenty metres or so, D and P continued on their adventure up the hill.

We enjoyed the highlights of the Styrian GP, which was full of incident. I am of an age where I can enjoy the race and have no interest in who is the winner.

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