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Muddled Together

Furlough Day 90, 13.07.20

Tools in the shed!

Awake early and up to organise things.  

I got a call from my Step Brother who was on his way to see me, saying he would arrived around 11.30am.

I popped to the shop to get some milk for a cuppa, and when I came home there was no power - so how could I make a cuppa?

Anyway J arrived nicely to time.  We haven't seen each other for about 5 years as neither of us goes to the extended family parties very often and he and his wife live in Cornwall where they own a few properties which keep them busy...

They have given me a lovely and unexpected house warming present - a Roberts BluTune (bluetooth) radio with inbuilt speakers so I can play something on the internet and go to bluetooth on whichever I am using - phone, kindle fire or laptop and it will find it. 

So grateful and excited at the same time as I've never had anything like this before and they are quite expensive according to the internet...  I've already got an audio book started - my favourite is Wind in the Willows :)

Now looking for 'free' music to play - any suggestions?

The power came back on after 2 hours or so, just in time for a cuppa (and to try out the Roberts 'bluetooth', before J went off to our parents and I hurriedly got ready for the Webinair I attend on a Monday.

This afternoon I have been quite sleepy but popped out to Pets at Home for some more Feliway as the plug ins are nearly out and then to Wickes as it was next door for some more tester pots :)

Home and I relaxed and fell asleep on my chair.   Woke about half four to discover Charlie was lying asleep on my lap :)

In other news, I am quite excited as I've been asked to do some photography for Cats Protection.  Quite when, what it will be I'm not sure, but I'll let you know.  

It came up when I was speaking to the local branch about volunteering for them now that I've moved.  It will be part of the volunteering :)

Happy Monday folks :)

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