That's why they locked me away!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 122 of my lockdown - Day 33 of slight ease

Backblipped - Photo taken on 14th July and blipped on the 15th July.

Aaaargghh - I did all this once and somehow accidentally pressed the wrong button and it went out of blip entirely and I lost it all.  Aahh well putting mindfulness into practice, it does not matter I will just have to start again..................... here goes

A really lovely day today with Mum and Sis.  The roads were nice and quiet and on picking sis up from Lancaster City Centre I was amazed at how quiet it was and the few people around were social distancing and wearing masks when going into shops.  Well done Lancaster.

Then to pick up Mum, back up the M6 and home for a lovely afternoon.    I have decided that my "bubble" is two people, Mum and Sis and it was so lovely to spend time with them both.

Whilst I was picking them up, Hubby prepared a quiche and some hot potatoes from the allotment, cold boiled beetroot (I don't like it pickled), from the garden, with a selection of cold meats, tzatziki, coleslaw, salads, wholemeal bread and cheese straws.  Delicious.  With some assistance from G.

We then spent a lovely quiet afternoon just chatting and catching up, drinking tea and/or coffee and enjoying each other's company. 

I took them both back late afternoon.  On the way back I pulled off the M6 to go through Milnthorpe and pulled in at the Dallam Estate layby to take a photo of this lovely lone tree.  There were no signs of the deer so I chose this tree to photograph instead becauses I love lone tree photos.

Then arrived home for a nice evening watching Sergeant Cork from my DVD collection.  Some of you may remember Sergeant Cork - a black and white TV series from 1963 to 1968 starring  John Barrie and William Gaunt about two Scotland Yard detectives in Victorian times.

I only have very very vague memories of it, so Mum and Dad must have watched it.  Anyway someone bought me the complete series on DVD for Christmas.  I was amazed at how well it stood up to today.  The Black & White added to the atmosphere.  All great stuff, so guess we will slowly be watching an episode of that every now and then.  Love it.

Thank you all so much for your lovely hearts and stars and the lovely comments.

I will do another blip with a photo from today later on when I will also catch up on your lovely blips. 

Thank you so much for continuing to drop by.  Hopefully all my projects are now almost caught up with so I can get back to properly blipping on a daily basis.

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