Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

No tail attached!

This sweet little bird is missing his tail feathers!!!  He is still flying around the yard from the feeder to the bird bath but it is an awkward movement.  I sure hope he manages to grow them back.

In the extras is the first hummingbird that has stayed long enough for a photo.  Not at the feeder but up in the hickory nut tree.   I have had the feeders out for a while (with many changes of the water) so I am glad they are finally coming around!        

Now if the butterflies would just show up at the butterfly weed.   

Hot hot day here.    My son in North Carolina (about 200 miles away) has a high temperature that was the same as what we had at 6am in the morning.    Hoping to get the bath done so we can run away to the mountains next week!  

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