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Wid ............

 .............. Wed150720  (WW150720) - managed by BobsBlip and hosted this week by steveng - thank you to both - the optional theme  "  Worm's Eye View "

Hmmmm, you say, a flying worm??  Nope, not quite.  

Wally Worm was in Billy Blackbird's Beak and, unlike the worms in davidc's garden, Wally has a developed sense of sight and can see the beautiful countryside below him.

Wider WidWed ...........

Sadly for Billy but lucky for Wally he was dropped seconds after I took this photo (see 'extra' for the view on the way down) and was able to burrow back to safety down his wormhole.

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Helpful advice:

Motorists:    Enjoy the freedom of cycling by removing your windscreen, sticking half a melon skin on your head, then jump red lights and drive the wrong way up one way streets.

Boom boom!


~ Anni ~

Backblipped early on the 16th for Wednesday 15 July 2020.
Taken on my return from a dangerous "mission"  :o))

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