By spannarama


Up early today, and out of the house by 8am for a bike ride (not as early as Tim - he'd set out about an hour before me for his now-usual 22 miler).  I went my usual route - across the heath, through the park and down to the river in Greenwich - with several stops for photos, including this one near the Cutty Sark (with the Greenwich foot tunnel entrance in the background).  Cycled further along the river towards North Greenwich, and stopped to video call my Mum before turning back and heading home.  Had a nice chat with her, and showed her the view - think she enjoyed it :)

Got back home shortly before poor Tim was heading back out to the dentist's (a seven mile walk there and back, on top of his 22 mile ride!)  He's had toothache for a few weeks, and finally got it looked at today.  Thankfully the dentist couldn't see anything particularly nasty - just as well, because there's not much they can do at the moment (still waiting for full PPE before they can drill, etc) - and didn't think it needed to be extracted either, phew.

We had a very relaxed day after that - mentally as well as physically!  I finally got back to scanning my old photos this afternoon - just as I thought I'd finished all four years of uni photos, I found another couple of packs from my second year.  More work to be done!

Cooked a tasty dinner of salmon and mango salsa this evening - feeling holiday-y :)

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