By spannarama

Knole Park deer

We got out of London today!  The first time since before lockdown began - probably the first time in about six months, in fact.  It was SO nice to be out in the countryside; I couldn't stop grinning - we parked up around a mile away from Knole Park and walked there through lovely woodland.  Sat on a fallen tree to eat our lunch, then wandered around the park, sticking to the shade as much as possible, as it was a surprisingly hot day.  I was glad to have chosen my long lens for this walk, knowing there was a fair chance we'd spot some deer - and we did :)

Had a pretty relaxed afternoon back at home - tired out from our five mile walk - the furthest either of us have walked for a while (and for Tim, on top of his 22 mile bike ride this morning).  Cooked an easy dinner and had an easy evening too.

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