By Dakers

Social Distancing And Red Squirrels

Mildly surprised to find that we are host to a family of red squirrels, who delight in running around in the early morning and late evening.

As well as running about, they run up tree trunks and then fly from tree to tree.

Research has revealed that our mix of oak trees, beech trees and Scots Pine provide the basis of a great diet for red squirrels.

 Also looking at satellite photos our group of trees is the last link of forests and hedges that stretch for over six miles, while avoiding roads.

Today’s Blipfoto shows our social distancing when setting out tables to entertain Mr and Mrs Dog. Hopefully, nothing was overlooked.

The white bottle contains hand sanitizer manufactured in a gin distillery.

The Blipfoto also shows that we are extending the mixed species lawn in our garden as Pat likes to see as much of the stone wall which marks the boundary of "The Policies".

The next design decision is to set out our collection of young trees and shrubs, some of which have been purchased and other are home grown volunteers.

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