The Last Sunflower

Furlough Day 94, 17.07.20 

The sunflowers on the windowsill have lasted until today and I kept this one back as part of my 'foliage' for the art course tomorrow which I am really looking forward to :)

Shopped at the supermarket mid morning - last time before having to wear a mask compulsorily, then its been a kind of 'dossing' day, its been so hot!

The last two nights I have burnt my dinner on the gas hob :(  Tonight I couldn't get them to light???  The flame was there but wouldn't stay alight.  I have no knowledge of gas cooking, so I don't know if I might have 'flooded' it trying so much?  At least there is no gas smell - and my carbon monoxide machine hasn't bleeped at all...

I'm looking forward to Masterchef, and then watching Victoria and Abdul tonight :)

Happy Friday folks :)

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