By iaint


The day started well, and then fell away. 

I relaxed a lot, which I was needing, but my spirit wanted to be somewhere else. Anywhere.

I could have jumped in the car and gone... anywhere... but I reckoned there might be a bit of a stampede this weekend, with restrictions on restaurants, cafes, pubs and accommodation having lifted just 3 days ago. 

Two things brought home the changes to me today. The first - while driving to the farm shop - was seeing a Dutch registered car on the road. It seemed weird. 

Then, at the farm shop, their camping operations have resumed. People milling about trying to brush their teeth, use the toilets and have showers. Again, a shock to my lockdown mind. 

As is the way of these things, the hot water had broken down in the ladies' showers/toilet and the owner was running around cursing and looking stressed. 

Me - I just had my usual coffee and cake in the orchard. 


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