By Stella2

Spider web

We all went for a late morning walk over the commons today retracing a walk we had been shown several days ago.  It had been raining first thing and as soon as we started I spotted these beautiful webs glistening in the light.  They are the Labyrinth spiders web which have a funnel shaped area to one side see extra.  Will have to go back on another wet day to get some more shots, I did see one in its funnel area but it popped back down as I watched.  I quickly caught up with my husband and our son and we continued this delightful walk with its mixture of woodland and heath as well as sea views.  I think our son will get to know a lot more about this area of Devon we live in than our daughter who wasn't one to go on long walks.

Late afternoon the sun came out and as it looks like it will be dry tomorrow I gave the allotment a quick water.  So many sweet peas in bloom they are such a lovely display this year and the beginning of the courgette glut will soon start.  Just as well our daughter and family are back to visit later this week.

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