A Monkey's Tale

By MonkeyWithAView

Monkey Telephone

Don't mind if I Dali.

With the blip clock ticking, my roving eye chanced upon a Salvador Dali print of the Lobster Telephone sitting in our living room.

Within minutes I'd scouted the location, sourced the props & the coerced the star of the piece (the telephone.. nah, Monkey of course) to break from his evening ritual, snuggled on the sofa watching David Attenborough's Africa with a hot cup of banana. He thankfully agreed to strike a pose, & with that the red Lobster was finally pushed into a pan of boiling water, & the Monkey Telephone was born.

Yes, tonight's instalment is on the surreal side, but when you're up against the magnifence & wonder of Dali, you can't do half measures! Sadly we were out of lobsters - fresh, plaster or otherwise - but I think Monkey helps bring this brilliant, & crazy, bit of art into the modern day blip-asphere & beyond.

The actual print I got from a trip to the Tate Modern with my Aunty Spishy a few years back. It's one of fave's & I wanted to share it with you.. in a fashion.

In other news, a full day at work is not all it's cracked up to be & I got my hair cut.

Right, now where did I leave my melted clock..

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