Congratulations Beryl and Sean!

Our friends Beryl and Sean had a date set for their wedding several weeks ago. Sadly, but understandably, they had to cancel their original plans. This is how we ended up at a wedding reception on a Monday - the first date that they could pin down for both a ceremony and a reception once the tight lockdown restrictions had loosened a little. Here is the happy couple.

The wedding was a lovely occasion for all, and especially good fun for us because amongst the guests were Wiebke, Paul, Maya, and Alexa. We also enjoyed chatting to Beryl and Sean's friend Roisin who (in the best of Edinburgh traditions) used to work at the same company as Mr hazelh and knew his name, even though they had never met before. She also said the magic words 'My husband and I like playing board games. I have just learnt one new to me. It's great. It's called Settlers of Catan...'!!!

On our way home from the wedding we bumped into the same man that I had chatted to this morning on my way back from my walk along the Water of Leith. This gave Mr hazelh the chance to meet the new Golden Retriever puppy that I had petted earlier in the day.

The other main event of the day was that Mr hazelh joined me in the garden this afternoon to pull out a massive tree stump and root. Here's hoping that his back doesn't complain tomorrow.

It's been a great day, especially considering that I suffered insomnia last night and only managed 5 hours of sleep (eventually, on the sofa bed in the study again with the World Service for company).

Exercise today: walking and gardening (24,241 steps).

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