Meet the Twins

July has been a very active month for wildlife in our yard. We are practically overrun with bunnies, all of the birds have had several nests already, the hummingbirds are going crazy now, and we have a doe staying under our deck to avoid the heat.

The only visitor we have not welcomed is the groundhog who came to stay under the front porch. We excluded him/her by placing a metal sign, a brick, and some gravel over the hole. Success!

But guess what: a few days later, s/he is BACK! So now I am engaged in a battle of wits and wills against a groundhog. I'll let YOU guess who appears to be winning so far.  ;-)

A doe with two fawns has been hanging around, chomping all the green stuff in Gremlin's Meadow. I often hear the twins scurrying around in the woods. They scamper by, and then stop and look back, waiting for their mom.

I was sitting watching the hummingbirds, when I heard them cavorting in the woods. Then they appeared right at the edge in the light, and I was finally able to snag a few pictures! So meet the twins!

My soundtrack song has to have a twins connection, so here are the Thompson Twins, with Lay Your Hands on Me.

P.S. For the record, we reached a sad anniversary on this day. It has been one full year since my oldest sister died. I have been missing her immensely, and I was thinking of her when I was sitting in the yard. Born in early June, she always loved being a Gemini, on the star signs. (I am Sagittarius, the archer!) So I think she would have approved of my visit with these twins on this day!

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