By littlemissquirk


Even my joyful nasturtiums are unhappy.

Perthshire! Like anywhere in the pouring rain, dreich.
Shuffled back to Mhor 84 and had the biggest French toast in my life avec bacon and maple syrup. That was me full to the gunnels, time for another nap. There is not enough sleep in this world to make me feel rested at the moment.
Back home to have new friends over who I met online , the wife having had the same surgery as me, and were each other’s pain and misery insomnia buddies throughout January. The chat didn’t stop and five hours late we were out of steam and kicked them out, spent.
Switched on Netflix and managed to consume the whole Pizza Boy murder doc, Americans have a special type of lunacy don’t they, we Brits are amateurs!

Anyway my garden survived me being away, the trick is to take the guerilla gardener with me

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